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    Way to Ethiopian coffee

    In the village of Banna, there is a traditional ceremony to become a man...


    If you succeeds, the village’s mayor gives you a new name.

    During my first visit there, I don’t know why but the Banna family started calling me “Galitebe” (Garutenbi).


    Galitebe means “the man who succeeded this ceremony”.

    But I have never tried this ceremony but still they called me Galitebe...


    I was very happy about that.

    Because I felt they were open to me.


    Have you ever seen such a life ? without a car, without a watch, without any writing language?


    They live with nature.

    Then I started to love their lifestyle... to love Ethiopia.

    So, I decided to learn more about Ethiopia.

    And I really started to love their culture, their lifestyle, more and more...


    At that moment I wanted the whole world to know more about this beautiful country !

    So I was wondering how to tell the world about Ethiopian culture and way of life.


    Every time I’ve been there, I was with Ethiopian friends.

    Then I quickly realized the importance of coffee in their life.


    People who work on coffee-producing usually doesn't drink coffee.

    But the Ethiopian people consumes about half of the domestic production.

    They drink after every breakfast and lunch.


    Coffee time is a very important communication tool for them.

    I really thought coffee time is a big part of culture in an Ethiopia.


    Then, I decided : I will export Ethiopian coffee all over the world !

    When I visited Ethiopia the 2nd time, I started to look for the best coffee...


    I met a man from Kaffa, who were my friend’s friend.

    We had coffee and breakfast together few times, and he always recommended Kaffa’s coffee...

    He was so proud of it, so, I finally went there.

    When I visited Kaffa, I collected few samples from all the coffee washing stations.


    Every coffee were nice.


    But I also paid attention to the owner’s personality.

    Then I choose one of the washing station, and I ordered to them a lot of coffee.


    For example


    Forest picking only

    Red cherry only

    African bed

    3 times hand picking


    Cause I wanted to make some employment opportunities to the people of Kaffa and get the best coffee quality, I payed a good price to them.


    Galitebe Coffee was born...

    “Make the best quality and pay a value corresponding to the quality”


    We don’t mind about the market rate.

    If we get the best coffee, we pay a good price.


    Everything for Ethiopia...

    Galitebe Coffee Import Co., Ltd.

    CEO : Yuhei Shibata

    We specialization import Ethiopian coffee.

    Improve bean's quality and increase employment opportunity for Ethiopia.


    Management all process from coffee tree to export.