• To cup from Ethiopia

  • Red characters are special specification of Galitebe Coffee !!

    About Kaffa coffee


    Coffee farmers collect coffee cherry each piece by hand.

    We collect only from forest.


    Coffee farmers bring coffee cherry to washing station.

    They get profit at this time.


    Collect only red cherries.

    It is not collect other from all beans.

    Collect only red cherry from all.

    Removal (Only Washed)

    Remove skin and pulp in water by machine.

    One people with that all time for prevent accident.

    Fermentation(Only Washed)

    Put in fermenter for remove mucilage for 72 hours.

    Washing(Only Washed)

    Throw beans into clean water.


    On the African bed.

    Drying for 7~10 days.


    Threshing by machine.

    Hand picking

    Remove others and bad beans.

    We do 3 times for improve bean's quality and increase employment opportunity.

    Usually, 2 times in Ethiopia.


    Carry to Addis Ababa.

    Only Galitebe Coffee load a truck for prevent mix with other.

    Final select

    Receive "Grade 1" certification.


    Then, hand picking again.


    Put in the plastic bag for keeping fresh.

    And we use new jute bag every time.

    It is very strong and clean.


    Export to Japan.

    And export to all over the world.